Sunshine Biopharma Inc. is a Colorado corporation headquartered in New York City (USA).

We are a pharmaceutical company offering and researching life-saving medicines in a wide variety of therapeutic areas, including oncology and antivirals. We operate two wholly owned subsidiaries: (i) Nora Pharma Inc., a Canadian corporation with a portfolio consisting of 52 prescription drugs on the market in Canada, and (ii) Sunshine Biopharma Canada Inc., a Canadian corporation which develops and sells OTC supplements.

In addition, we are conducting a proprietary drug development program which is comprised of (i) K1.1 mRNA targeted for liver cancer, (ii) SBFM-PL4, PLpro protease inhibitor for SARS Coronavirus infections, and (iii) Adva-27a for pancreatic cancer. Development of the latter has been paused pending further analysis of unfavorable in vitro results obtained in the second half of 2023.