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When And How To Take An Amino Acid Supplement

You can order an amino acid supplement online, but why should you take it?

Amino acids are critical to keeping your body functioning at optimum levels. It is crucial that your body gets all nine essential amino acids through your diet, one way or another because your body cannot manufacture those amino acids on its own.

Sometimes, getting all of the necessary essential amino acids through your diet can be difficult, especially given the low nutritional quality of many processed foods that we face nowadays.

Therefore, if you are a strength or endurance athlete in training and need your body to be functioning at peak levels, then it is recommended that you take an essential amino acid supplement to ensure you’re not lacking in anything.

When To Take It

The beauty of taking an essential amino acids supplement is that you can take it whenever you like. Some athletes like to take it with their meals or a protein shake, while others prefer to take it separately between meals.

Your essential amino acids supplement can also be taken before, during or after training. Taking before your workout can increase your body’s anabolic response to the workout, improving muscle building. While it is effective beforehand, it can still work if you take it during or after.

Without the supplement, your body could break down proteins at such a rate as to cause a catabolic response, which is when muscles are broken down. If you’re trying to build muscle mass, this is the last thing you want because it would not only result in a waste of time and effort training at the gym but could also be detrimental to your fitness and development goals.

How To Take It

Amino acid supplements can be consumed in capsule form, or they can be dissolved into a liquid and drunk. The latter is quite popular because it serves to hydrate at the same time, which is critical during exercising. Moreover, when dissolved into a liquid, the absorption rate into the body is faster than in capsule form.

However, capsules are convenient and easy to take when you don’t have the time to mix together a liquid essential amino acid supplement concoction.

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