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What Is The Difference Between Pharma and Biopharma

In the world of health and medicine, two main types of companies exist that manufacture the products we all use to keep us in good physical and mental condition: pharma companies and biopharma companies.

While you may have heard plenty about “big pharma” and the many pharmaceuticals they produce, many people are unaware of the increasing impact and influence biopharma has on the field of medicine.

Let us look at some of the differences between pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies and why biopharma is on the rise.

Pharmaceuticals Companies

Regarding manufacturing methodology, pharmaceutical companies use chemicals to make their medicines. While these chemicals and compounds range far and wide, covering a host of applications, they are generally very effective at treating all sorts of medical conditions.

However, since these chemical concoctions are not natural, consuming them can have unintended side effects, which can be pretty dangerous.

However, because chemicals are used – which are far easier to work with than organic materials- in many cases – pharmaceuticals tend to have a shorter production window and are also cheaper to produce.

Biopharmaceuticals Companies

On the other hand, biopharmaceutical companies use naturally occurring organic materials to manufacture their products. These organic materials range from benign bacteria to white blood cells to naturally occurring proteins. These products are also highly effective at treating a range of conditions or for providing nutritional supplements.

Because biopharmaceuticals involve quite a bit more production time, and because working with organic substances can be highly sensitive work, biopharma products tend to be a little more expensive.

Generally speaking, these products are far safer and have fewer unwanted side effects since they are not chemical based and therefore easier on the body.

Unlike pharmaceuticals, which use chemical structures not found in the human body, biopharmaceuticals are built on compounds in the body. This makes biopharmaceuticals more effective in addressing core biological issues rather than just treating symptoms with chemical concoctions – which in and of themselves can cause further health problems down the line.

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