20 Amino Acids that Make Up Proteins - What Is So Important About Amino Acids?

What Is So Important About Amino Acids?

Amino acids are the foundational building blocks of proteins, and proteins are the building blocks of life. Therefore, your body must get the amino acids it needs to maintain its protein structures and health.

Of the many different amino acids that exist, nine are deemed essential. This means that these nine amino acids cannot be formulated inside your body without the assistance of outside inputs. These amino acids need to be consumed through the food you eat and, therefore, are highly dependent on nutrition.

However, it is difficult to ensure that all nine essential amino acids are found in your diet every day, so deficiencies in several of these amino acids are relatively common.

What Do Essential Amino Acids Do For You?

Amino acids are responsible for causing a variety of different chemical reactions in the body. They are also responsible for transporting nutrients and helping you stay healthy and avoid illness.

Amino acids help you grow and maintain muscles and aid digestion and various other vital bodily functions. In addition, they improve sleep, reduce fatigue, provide energy and help you manage weight.

What Does A Deficiency Of Essential Amino Acids Do To You?

One of the significant problems caused by an amino acid deficiency is a decreased immunity to disease and illness. It can also lead to you having digestive problems and can sometimes cause depression.

Fertility issues can also be associated with a deficiency in essential amino acids, and so an amino acid supplement regime is a standard treatment for couples trying to fall pregnant.

Sometimes, if you experience brain fog, fatigue or lower mental alertness, simply boosting your amino acid intake can make a massive difference.

In some cases, a severe deficiency in amino acids can result in slowed or delayed growth among children, leading to lifelong health and psychological issues.

Many other health issues can be attributed to an amino acid deficiency. Therefore, you must always get all nine essential amino acids in your diet.

How Can I Make Sure I’m Getting Enough Essential Amino Acids?

Your body needs 20 amino acids in total. Eleven of these can be manufactured by the body without any outside assistance. However, the 9 remaining essential amino acids need to be absorbed from outside to ensure you receive all the amino acids you need.

We recommend that you take an amino acid supplement, which covers all of your bases and ensures that you are not deficient in any of the nine essential amino acids.

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