Amino Acid Deficiency man holding his leg in pain - What Happens When You Have An Amino Acids Deficiency?

What Happens When You Have An Amino Acids Deficiency?

It is very difficult for one to get all nine essential amino acids through diet alone nowadays. This is because we all live very fast-paced lives, often eating poorly. Therefore, we seldom get everything we need through nutrition alone. Processed foods and other unhealthy eating habits can quickly lead to deficiencies, severely impacting one’s life.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you consider taking a good quality essential amino acids supplement to ensure that you’re not missing anything.

Let us look at some of the effects an amino acid deficiency could have on the body and mind.

The Physical Effects 

The importance of protein in your nutritional intake is critical. It gives structure to your tissue and the cells that make it, supporting the strength and reliability of your organs and your muscles.

When these parts of your body don’t function as well as they should, you might suffer from immunity problems, hormone production issues, and other intercellular communication inefficiencies.

When your body does not get the essential amino acids from your diet that it needs, it will start to seek them out elsewhere in your body. This leads to the breakdown of muscle tissue and the depletion of other proteins as your body attempts to compensate, resulting in symptoms such as weakness, fatigue, decreased hair and skin quality, a compromised immune response and a loss of musculature.

The Mental Effects

Amino acids are also critical for one’s mental and psychological stability. It is well known that hormonal fluctuations can affect one’s psychological state by impacting emotions. Fatigue can also significantly contribute to decreased mental ability and one’s ability to concentrate and remain focused.

When one is tired, brain fog commonly occurs, which can contribute to stress and anxiety. When these things begin to affect one’s ability to perform at one’s job, it is not uncommon to result in stress and even depression. When all of these factors compound on top of one another, the effects of amino acid deficiency on one’s mental and psychological state can be quite significant and thus should not be underestimated.

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