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Should You Supplement Your Essential Amino Acids Intake?

If you’re not getting enough of them through your diet, you might need to buy essential amino acids in supplement form to ensure your body is getting what it needs.

Essential Amino Acids In Your Diet

Essential amino acids are a category of amino acids that the human body cannot produce independently. Instead, they need to be ingested through the food you eat. All of the nine essential amino acids ‒ valine, threonine, histidine, isoleucine, methionine, leucine phenylalanine, lysine and tryptophan ‒ come through eating protein-rich foods. Such foods might include animal-based proteins such as chicken, fish, beef, eggs or dairy, and plant-based protein foods such as beans, tofu, legumes, nuts and soy. Beef is generally considered the best source for getting all of the essential amino acids your body needs in one place.

However, it’s relatively easy not to get enough protein in your diet to ensure that you get a good balance of essential amino acids. Vegans, for example, are widely known to struggle to get enough amino acids in because although plant-based proteins are readily available, they are not nearly as rich in amino acids as animal-based proteins. In addition, people with eating disorders or certain illnesses might also struggle to get what their body needs.

What Do You Need Them For?

It’s also a good idea to take multi-amino acids to supplement before and after workouts to help give energy and repair muscles. This can significantly benefit you if you live an active lifestyle or are into body sculpting or sports.

Amino acids are also great for supporting healthy digestion. When your digestive system is struggling, it can leave you feeling sluggish, tired and even in some discomfort. Amino acids promote good gut health, helping the body detoxify and process food more efficiently.

Many essential amino acids help you regulate your blood sugar levels, significantly improving how well your body functions during the day. It also helps to prevent diabetes from occurring.

Moreover, ensuring that you have enough essential amino acids in your system will improve the quality of your skin because it helps the skin repair itself better. This can combat ageing and also generally assist your body in healing from scratches, bruises and other injuries faster while minimizing scarring.

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