Why Science-Based Nutrition Works

From muscle building to vitamin intake to weight loss, science-based nutritional supplements are becoming increasingly popular for their effectiveness and trustworthiness. Knowing that these products are backed by science and thoroughly researched, consumers are becoming more confident in putting their faith in them to produce the results the labels promise. But why does science-based nutrition work when food fails us? Let’s take a closer look.


Eating a balanced diet is a must for good health. We can get most of the nutrients we need from whole, unprocessed foods to live an energized life and support our immune systems. The problem comes when we tend to eat more processed foods, convenience foods or non-organic products with unknown substances that can be harmful. For example, we may consume a lot of fish to get our required intake of Omega fats but increase cholesterol and get exposed to high levels of mercury. We may eat meat for protein, but this also comes with unhealthy doses of cholesterol. We can even get fibre from store-bought granola, but it will be full of unrefined sugars.

Unfortunately, the cost is also a factor, as organic, whole foods often cost more, and processed sugary alternatives are cheaper. So while many of us may be following a disciplined diet, it’s not always possible to get enough amino acids, vitamins and minerals from our food alone.


You may have noticed that you’re trying to build muscle or lose weight on a natural diet, but the results are slow. You’re not getting the targeted nutrients you need for your specific body type or individual needs. For example, you may be getting enough calcium in your diet, but is your body absorbing it correctly? A supplement that combines calcium, Vitamin D, and magnesium will aid in better absorption, boost your bone and muscle health, and regulate insulin levels and cardiovascular function. Similarly, a deficient diet in amino acids can lead to fatigue, weight gain or a weakened immune system. Again, this is because your body does not produce amino acids, and it’s not always possible to get them from food.

A scientifically researched, tested, and proven-to-work product can give you just the proper supplementary intake you need for optimum functioning. The great thing about biopharma, as opposed to synthetic pharmaceuticals, is that they provide a targeted nutritional boost with no side effects.


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What Are Bio Pharmaceuticals And Why Do Our Bodies Need Them?

Since their development, biopharmaceuticals have enhanced the quality of life in patients with various diseases. They can also help replenish the amino acids and vitamins we need from our diets but don’t always get in the proper doses. Amino acids are organic compounds that help to break down your food into the fuel you need. In this article, we take a closer look at what biopharmaceuticals are and how they can fuel our bodies to keep up with the demands of daily living.


In broad terms, biopharmaceuticals are defined as pharmaceuticals that are inherently biological and produced using biotechnology. Their structure is identical to compounds already found in nature. They contain live entities and can include proteins, DNA  RNA, or antisense oligonucleotides for therapeutic purposes. However, they can be challenging to manufacture and require specialized and expensive processing and purification methods. In short, biopharmaceuticals are derived from living organisms. In contrast, pharmaceutical drugs are made from chemicals and synthetic processes rather than natural ones.


One of the benefits of biopharmaceuticals is that they provide targeted treatment with fewer side effects, devoid of chemicals. Patients with cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, immune diseases, and other health problems benefit from this. Being healthy requires a balanced diet, physical activity, and general wellness. Amino acids are organic compounds that help to fuel us by breaking down our food and building proteins. Vitamins and minerals also help with healthy bodily functions and boost our immune systems, as well as repairing cell damage. Since our bodies cannot produce these amino acids and vitamins, biopharmaceuticals are a great source of these essential nutrients.

Ideally, a healthy diet should provide everything our bodies need, but it doesn’t always happen that way, as time, stress and resources sometimes prevent us from eating well. Even if we manage to eat balanced meals from time to time, there may still be some shortfall, which would have to be replaced with a supplement. Illnesses can also drain us of energy and affect our appetites, so biopharmaceutical products provide a safe alternative for the missing nutrients with little to no side effects.


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