Antiviral Drugs

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Anticancer K1.1 mRNA

  • K1.1 is an mRNA that encodes an inhibitor of a transcription factor essential for initiation of cell division
  • We have recently shown that K1.1 mRNA is capable of destroying cancer cells in vitro including breast cancer cells (MCF-7/MDR), ovarian adenocarcinoma cells (OVCAR-3), and pancreatic cancer cells (SUIT-2)
  • Tests conducted using non-transformed (normal) cells (HMEC) showed that these K1.1 mRNA had little cytotoxic effects
  • K1.1 mRNA is readily adaptable for delivery into patients using the mRNA vaccine technology
  • In April 2022, we filed a provisional patent application in the United States covering the K1.1 mRNA molecules and uses thereof
  • Next, we plan to conduct mice xenograft studies to test the efficacy of K1.1 mRNA in vivo